Hyperlink to online classroom at 7pm on 24/07/2022

Please post completed homework to the following address:

Mike Walker

3 Saxon Street



SN14 0LP

Date set Homework and date to be with Mike for marking Hyperlink
20/03/2022 Atoms gcse-chemistry-homework-1-atoms
20/03/2022 Covalent Bonds gcse-chemistry-homework-2-covalent
07/03/2022 Ionic bonds gcse-chemistry-homework-3-ionic
03/04/2022 The mole gcse-chemistry-homework-4-mole
10/04/2022 The mole (part 2) gcse-chemistry-homework-5-mole-part 2
17/04/2022 Equations and the mole gcse-chemistry-homework-6-equations-moles
23/04/2022 Summary Chemistry Questions (Part 1) gcse-chemistry-homework-7-summary questions-part-1
08/05/2022 Chemistry revision to Mike for Sunday 22 May chemistry revision 1

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