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Module Description Lesson notes and hyperlink
1 @OCR A Level Chem A H432 SpecA5
2 @Module 2 Section 1A Chemistry

@Module 2 Section 1B Chemistry

@Module 2 Section 1C Chemistry

@Module 2 Section 1D Chemistry

@Module 2 Section 1E Chemistry

4 Atomic electronic configuration A level OCR Chemistry L4
5 Intra and intermolecular bonding A level OCR Chemistry L5
6 Periodicity A level OCR Chemistry L6 
7 Organic Chemistry @Naming Organic Molecules (Online Test)
8 Alkenes A level OCR Chemistry L8
9 Alcohols, Haloalkanes & Analysis A level OCR Chemistry L9
10 Mass Spectrometry and Infra Red Analysis A level OCR Chemistry L10
11 Enthalpy Changes, Hess’ Law, equilibrium Constant A level OCR Chemistry L11
12 More Enthalpy Change calculations A level OCR Chemistry L12
13 Organic Chemistry [AS] A level OCR Chemistry L13
14 Required A level Chemistry Experiments A level OCR Chemistry L14
15 Rate Equations and Orders (1) A level OCR Chemistry L15
16 Rate Equations and Orders (2)
17 Techniques for Reaction Rates, Effect of temp on rate constants, Ea, A, R
18 Equilibrium, Kc, Kp
19 Acids and Bases A level OCR Chemistry L19_merged
20 Buffers and Neutralisation A level OCR Chemistry L20_merged
21 Born Haber Cycles, Lattice Enthalpy A level OCR Chemistry L21 merged
22 Enthalpy and Entropy A level OCR Chemistry L22_merged
23 Storage and Fuel Cells.  Transition elements
24 Ligands and Complex Ions
25 Redox Reactions A level OCR Chemistry L25_merged
26 Aromatic Compounds, Carbonyls and Acids (1) A level OCR Chemistry L26_merged
27 Aromatic Compounds, Electrophilic Substitution
28 Phenols, Carbonyl Compounds
29 Carboxylic Acids and Esters A level OCR Chemistry L29_merged
30 Esters and Acyl Chlorides
31 Amino Acids, Amides and Chirality
32 Polyesters and Polyamides
33 Organic Synthesis
34 Chromatography
35 Spectroscopy [1]
36 Spectroscopy [2]
37 @A level Chem QP Organic-1-2019 @A level Chem MS Organic-1-2019
38 @A level Chem QP Organic-2-2019 @A level Chem MS Organic-2-2019
39 @A level Chem QP Organic-3-2019 @A level Chem MS Organic-3-2019
40 @A level Chem QP Organic-4-2019 @A level Chem MS Organic-4-2019
41 June-2018-QP-periodic-table-elements-and-physical-chemistry-A-Level-OCR-Chemistry June-2018-MS-periodic-table-elements-and-physical-chemistry-A-Level-OCR-Chemistry
42 @A level Chem OCR SQP1 2018 @A level Chem OCR SMS1 2018
43 @A level Chem OCR SQP2 2018 @A level Chem OCR SMS2 2018
44 @A level Chem OCR SQP1 2018 @A level Chem OCR SMS3 2018
45 A level Chemistry OCR Synthesis & Analytical June 2018 Questions A level Chemistry OCR Synthesis & Analytical June 2018 Answers
46 A level Chemistry Questions Aromatics A level Chemistry Answers Aromatics
47 A level Chemistry Nitrogen Compounds Amino Acids, Amides, Polyamides Chirality Questions A level Chemistry Nitrogen Compounds Amino Acids Amides Polyamides, Chirality Answers
48 A level Chem Paper 1 QP (Part 1) A level Chem Paper 1 MS (Part 1)
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